In today’s world, structural safety has become a paramount concern for individuals and building authorities alike. Recognizing the critical importance of safeguarding lives and property, fire departments have implemented stricter regulations in recent years.. Without complying with those items, the building completion permit will not be issued. One of the most important things is placing the finish glass at the entrance of each floor. In the following, we will examine the advantages and effects of this glass in the building.

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What is finished glass (Smoke-proof glass)?

Smoke-proof glass is one of the glasses that has expanded a lot in recent years. It is also widely used. These glasses are made of tempered glass. It is produced and supplied in different colors by creating an adhesive on it. The most important and main use of smoke-proof glass is to prevent the spread of flames. If there is a fire in one of the units of a building, it is likely that if there is no smoke-proof glass, the fire will spread to all the units. Finished glass is produced in different thicknesses. Its most common thickness is about 10 mm. In addition to not allowing fire to enter, smoke-proof glass has a very high resistance to impact and pressure. Therefore, it greatly increases the safety of the building.

مزایا شیشه پایان کار

Finishing glass does not allow flames to enter other units.

Advantages and application of finished glass

This glass has many advantages, some of which we will discuss below. This glass does not catch fire in any way, and at the same time, it does not allow fire to pass through. It is a very strong heat insulator. In such a way that it does not allow the cold to enter the building in the winter and does not allow the heat to enter in the summer. This saves energy and costs.

In addition, this style of glass is a very strong sound insulator and does not allow noise pollution to enter. If we want to mention other things, it can be said that it prevents children from falling. Creates a privacy for each unit. At the same time, this glass brightens the space by passing light. At the same time, this glass is resistant at 250 and -80. There is no problem in this temperature range.

The price of finished glass

جنس شیشه پایان کار

The price of Smoke-proof glass is a function of the quality of the raw materials used.

The price of finished glass, like most other glass, depends on many things. If we want to mention the most effective things, we can mention the quality of the raw materials used, the size and dimensions of the glass, whether it is single or double, the type of fittings used, the color of the glass, and the presence or absence of a stopper. Of course, the price of this glass depends on other factors such as the brand of the factory, etc., but the most important things were the points that were presented to you.

Technical specifications of Smoke-proof glass

There are different methods and ways to implement smoke-proof glass, which are chosen based on the type and dimensions of the glass and the place of installation. The methods of making this glass are divided into two categories: manual and automatic. Each of these two methods is divided into many categories and sub-categories. For example, the manual method includes sliding, hinged, jaw and spidery methods. In the same way, automatic methods are divided into different ways that are chosen based on your needs and goals.

ضرورت استفاده از شیشه پایان کار

There are different ways to implement the glass finish.

Smoke-proof glass manufacturer

Today, various factories produce finished glass. Sepenta Glass has been operating as a glass factory for many years and has a brilliant history in this field and is trying to get the maximum satisfaction of your loved ones by producing quality glasses.

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