The issue of security with security glasses was not completely eliminated, because in case of attack in disturbances or thefts, these windows easily allow the intruders to break and pass. Also in the automotive industry, the insecurity of glass (especially windshield) in accidents has been a serious problem. Spanta Glass Glass Factory, as a glass manufacturer with the most up-to-date tools and experienced specialists, tries to improve the quality level of this product throughout the country. To buy laminated glass, you can get help from Spanta Glass with the most suitable price and the highest quality.

خرید شیشه لمینت - تولید کننده شیشه سپنتا گلس
Different thicknesses of laminated glass

What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass is a type of Securite glass. In its construction, two or more layers of glass with layers of polyvinyl butyrate (PVB) are used between the glasses. This feature makes it almost impossible for people or objects to collapse or pass through.
Polyvinyl butyrate layer: This layer adheres to the glass during the manufacturing process and in addition to increasing the glass’s resistance to breakage and perforation, it is a good insulator against light and sound and prevents the passage of 99% of UV rays. Generally, the thickness of these talcs is about 38 micrometers, but in large projects, talcs with a thickness of 76 microns or 152 micrometers are used.

Laminated glass detection

Laminated glass is made in such a way that when it is broken, the pieces of glass stick to the talc and do not separate. For this reason, when broken, the glass pieces do not spread and the glass does not break into small pieces.
Due to the advancement of science, every day new and various products of laminated glass are introduced to the market that meet the needs of customers. Laminated glass is also available in different colors, which include blue, yellow, red, etc.
In many cases, laminated glass is used for beauty. But today, the resistance of these products has reached a stage where, in addition to beauty, they are resistant to impact and sound transmission. They play an important role in the security of places like banks and gold shops. According to the tests performed, a 3-layer 10-mile glass (bulletproof glass) that was hit repeatedly by a hammer, after 15 minutes, a hole the size of a hand was made.
This delay in collapse keeps you safe when you look more beautiful and more economical than using steel guards or store shutters.


This glass has a harder breaking process and I provide a high level of environmental safety. These features make it the first choice for exit glass and windows close to the ground.

Advantages of laminated glass

Buy laminated glass

Providing security and beauty of the building or any other place is one of the most important points. In the past, stone and brick were used more for the facade of the building, and of course, these did not give a special beauty and effect to the building. In recent years, when different glasses entered the market, there was a fundamental change in the facades of buildings. One of them is laminate. In addition to being very beautiful due to its beautiful design, this glass has a very good resistance. These glasses are in terms of impact and are resistant to storms, snow, impact, etc. Therefore, buying laminated glass has a great impact on the beauty of your building.

کارخانه شیشه لمینت - شرکت سپنتا گلس
Production of different types of glass

Types of laminated glass according to their transparency

The glasses available in the market have different quality and transparency. Which are accordingly divided into three general categories:
Super Clear Glass
Flute glass
Wayne White Glass
Meanwhile, super clear glasses have a high transparency. Their price is also higher than other types.

Price of laminated glass

As you have read, these glasses are composed of different layers and in its structure, a layer of PVB talc is formed. The price of laminated glass depends on several factors. For example, the number of layers of glass is an important factor. Obviously, the more layers of glass we want, the higher the cost. Product quality and brand are other important factors. In addition, the thickness of talc used in different glasses also varies and has a great impact on the price. For information on the price of laminated glass, you can contact our experts.

Why is laminate used for ceilings?

Securite and laminated glass are highly resistant to physical damage, but laminated glass, unlike Securite glass, does not corrode or break after breaking. That is, after breaking the laminated glass, they are by no means victorious or dangerous. Therefore, it is a much more suitable option for the roof than Securite glass.

Sell ​​glass

Today, many factories produce glass. But you should pay attention to buy from a reputable store and the original material. Because profiteers have recently started to produce miscellaneous and counterfeit goods for more profit, which are not of good quality at all. Spantaglass has a long history of producing and selling glass.

You can order double-glazed, colored glass and various types of laminated glass with different thicknesses. Get in touch with our experts via the contact us page or the contact numbers.

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