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Despite its advantages, tempered glass doesn’t fully eliminate security concerns. In the event of an attack during riots or burglaries, this glass can easily be broken, allowing intruders to enter. In the automotive industry, the lack of glass security (especially windshields) during accidents is also a serious problem.

Sepanta Glass, a glass manufacturer equipped with the latest tools and experienced specialists, strives to improve the quality of this product throughout the country. For purchasing laminated glass, you can contact Sepanta Glass for the most reasonable prices and the highest quality.

What is Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass is a type of tempered glass made with two or more layers of glass with layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film between the glasses. This feature makes it almost impossible for people or objects to fall through or pass through. This layer is bonded to the glass during the manufacturing process and, in addition to increasing the glass’s resistance to breakage and puncture, provides good insulation against light and sound and prevents 99% of UV rays from passing through. The thickness of these films is generally about 38 micrometers, but in large projects, films with a thickness of 76 micrometers or 152 micrometers are used.

Identifying Laminated Glass

Laminated glasses are made in such a way that when broken, the glass pieces adhere to the film and do not separate. Therefore, when broken, the glass pieces do not scatter and the glass does not turn into small pieces.

With the advancement of science, new and diverse laminated glass products are constantly being introduced to the market to meet the needs of customers. Laminated glasses are also available in different colors, including blue, yellow, red, and more. In many cases, laminated glasses are used for aesthetics. However, today the resistance of these products has reached a point where, in addition to being beautiful, they are also resistant to impact and sound transmission. They play an important role in the security of places such as banks and jewelry stores.

According to tests carried out on a 3-layer 10mm glass (bulletproof glass) that was repeatedly struck with a sledgehammer, a hole large enough for a hand to pass through was created after 15 minutes. This delay in collapse provides security that is both more aesthetically pleasing and more cost-effective than using steel fences or roller shutters.

Applications of Laminated Glass

This glass has a more difficult breaking process and provides a high level of safety for the environment. These features make this glass the first choice for exterior door glasses and windows close to ground level.

Advantages of Laminated Glass

  • Increased strength when combined with different pieces
  • High thermal resistance (if using non-breakable glass in its layers)
  • Possibility of making curved shapes with high strength
  • Resistance to explosion and bullets
  • High color variety
  • Preserving privacy
  • Resistance to breakage

Purchasing Laminated Glass

Security and beauty are among the most important considerations for any building or location. In the past, stone and brick were more commonly used for building facades, and naturally, these did not give the building a special beauty or appearance. In recent years, with the introduction of various glasses to the market, a fundamental change has taken place in building facades. One of them is laminated glass. This glass, in addition to having a lot of beauty due to its beautiful design, also has very good resistance. These glasses are, in fact, shockproof and are resistant to storms, snow, impacts, and more. Therefore, buying laminated glass has a significant impact on the beauty of your building.

کارخانه شیشه لمینت - شرکت سپنتا گلس

Types of Laminated Glass Based on Their Transparency

The glasses available in the market have different qualities and transparencies. They are generally divided into three categories:

  • Super clear glass
  • Float glass
  • Win White glass

Among these, super clear glasses have high transparency. Their price is also higher than other types.

Laminated Glass Price

As you have read, these glasses are made of different layers, and a layer of PVB film is formed in their structure. The price of laminated glass depends on various factors. For example, the number of glass layers is an important factor. It is obvious that the more layers of glass we need, the higher the cost. Product quality and brand are other important factors. In addition, the thickness of the film used in different glasses varies and has a significant impact on the price. To find out the price of laminated glass, you can contact our experts.

Why is Laminated Glass Used for Roofs?

Tempered and laminated glass both offer high resistance to physical damage. However, unlike tempered glass, laminated glass does not crumble or shatter when broken. This means that even after breakage, laminated glass remains intact and does not pose a cutting hazard. As a result, it is a much more suitable choice for roofing applications compared to tempered glass.

Glass Sales

Nowadays, many factories are involved in glass production. However, it is crucial to purchase from a reputable store and ensure the authenticity of the product. Unfortunately, some profit-seeking individuals have resorted to manufacturing counterfeit and inferior products that lack the necessary quality standards. Sepanta Glass boasts a distinguished history in the production and sales of glass for many years.

To order double-glazed, colored, and various types of laminated glass in different thicknesses, please contact our experts through our contact page or by phone.