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Spandrel glass is a type of building glass that is most commonly used for decorating building facades. Many people may wonder what spandrel glass is and where it is used. In this case, it should be said that spandrel glasses are known as opaque and non-transparent glasses due to the printing on their texture. This means that by using this type of glass to decorate the facade of your building, you can hide the interior of the building, building equipment, etc. from the view of people outside the building.

When implementing large glass facades in buildings, it is sometimes necessary that parts of the interior of the building are not visible from the outside. These areas are usually those through which ducts pass or the space between floors, etc. Initially, reflective glasses were used for the facade of these parts, but at night, when the light inside is greater than the light outside the building, these glasses lose their effectiveness, which led to the design and manufacture of spandrel glass to solve this problem.

Spandrel glass is obtained by firing ceramic on glass. This creates an opaque layer that hides the space behind it. In addition to this feature, printed glass is produced in a variety of colors and in single-pane, double-pane and laminated structures, which can add beauty, security and energy savings to buildings. Printed glass is a non-transparent glass that is produced by the method of firing or heat-injecting ceramic, which high heat will fix the colors and ceramic coating.

spandrel glass

Applications of Spandrel Glass

Spandrel glass is generally used for the glass facades of buildings. Due to the wide range of colors available, these glasses can be matched to or contrast with the facade of your building. When using this glass with other glasses, you can choose the color of the outer wall to match the other glasses. In addition, the use of double-glazed spandrel glass not only saves energy but also makes the glasses appear deeper and have better color matching with other glasses. Today, there are many factories in the country that produce these glasses. Sepantaglass, a glass manufacturer, has a brilliant history in this field for many years.

How to Make Printed Glass

To produce this type of glass, the glass is first cut to the required dimensions. Then it enters the degreasing stage and is carefully washed. After this step, the desired color or pattern is applied to the surface of the glass with a uniform thickness using the silk screen method, and one stage is dried with infrared rays. Then the glass is placed in a furnace at 621 degrees Celsius to fix or “bake” the color. This process increases the resistance of the glass and its color to weather conditions, physical damage, chemicals, etc.

In order to create a matting effect on the surface of the glass, which aims to form glass panels that blend in with other parts of the building facade. Printed glasses are available in a wide variety of colors and must be evaluated for thermal stress as they are constantly exposed to sunlight, heat, wind and rain. In order to protect printed glasses from weather changes, these glasses are implemented as security glasses.

Features of Spandrel Glass

Spandrel or printed glasses are opaque glasses that hide structural components such as columns, floors, air conditioning systems, air vents, electrical wiring, plumbing and the like, and prevent them from being seen from outside the building. These glasses can complement or contrast with vision glasses and, with their high durability, make the exterior look beautiful and transparent.

Architects and designers sometimes use it as a curtain wall, but it can also be used to cover the entire facade of a building. Many buildings that appear to be completely glass from the outside use such glasses. Spandrel glass can not only cover these structures in a way that matches the curvature of the building, but also creates the impression of a monolithic and unbroken wall.

If parts of the structure that are unsightly to see are covered with printed glasses, they will have a much more beautiful and polished appearance than using other building materials. Also, the design and construction of building facade glasses is such that, in addition to being beautiful, they act as an insulator against heat and cold.

To buy spandrel glass, you need to pay attention to some points and consider them as influential factors when buying. Knowing these tips can help you choose the best types of glass at an affordable price and use them to cover your buildings. So stay with us until the end of the article to increase your knowledge in this regard.

Things to Consider When Buying Spandrel Glass

As mentioned before, there are a number of factors to consider when buying and selecting spandrel glass. Here are some of them for you:

Type of glass: Spandrel glass is manufactured and designed in various types. The production method of these glasses is almost the same, but the printed design on them and also their color are seen in different types. You can choose the type of glass according to the application you expect from the glass. For example, patterned spandrel glasses can be used as a beautiful and unique facade in addition to completely covering your building.

Glass size: Another point that is of great importance when buying and selecting this glass is the measurement process. The glasses installed on the building must have accurate dimensions. Even a few millimeters of displacement in size can cause the glass to not be installed correctly. Therefore, it is best to refer to reputable manufacturing, design and installation companies for measurement and installation work.

Refer to reliable companies: To order spandrel glass, you must definitely refer to reputable and reliable companies. Unfortunately, these days some companies are operating illegally in this field and are selling their products at lower prices. But you should know that spandrel glasses have a specific price range and low-priced glasses are usually not spandrel or are of very low quality. So put aside the risk and refer to reputable and reliable companies.

Advantages of using spandrel glass

Using spandrel glass has many advantages. For example, by using spandrel glasses, you can reduce your costs in designing the building facade. As you know, a lot of money is spent on the facade of the building today. The cost of installing glass and designing the building facade separately can be a financial burden for you. But by using spandrel glasses, you can have a beautiful and unique facade design while installing the glass.

Buying spandrel glass

Another important advantage of spandrel glass is its heat supply. It may be interesting for you to know that spandrel glasses can be used to provide heat and warmth to the building due to their characteristics. Therefore, by using these glasses, it is possible to use solar energy to supply a large part of the thermal energy required for the building. In this way, in addition to reducing fuel consumption and the resulting costs, it is also possible to prevent environmental pollution to some extent.

How is the price of spandrel glass determined?

Now that we are familiar with the importance of using spandrel glass, it is better to mention some points about their price. The price of spandrel glass is usually determined based on certain criteria. The first criterion is the project’s meterage. The price of installing spandrel glasses is usually determined based on the meterage of the installation location. That is, the higher the meterage, the higher the cost of installing the glass. The next point is the type of glass you choose for your work. Plain glasses, colored glasses and patterned glasses are among the types of spandrel glasses. Each of these types has a different price range that will affect the final cost of installing the glass.

The labor cost for implementing and designing spandrel glass also affects its final cost. The number of manpower required for the job, the tools used in the work, the speed of the project, etc. are among the factors that can significantly increase or decrease the price of spandrel glasses. Therefore, with the budget you have at your disposal, you can evaluate different conditions for installing spandrel glasses and choose your desired cases.

Summary and conclusion

The use of this glass is currently enjoying special popularity among the people. This glass is produced in various types of plain, colored and patterned. Spandrel glasses are known as opaque glasses. Some of the advantages of using spandrel glasses include creating a beautiful facade for the building, saving fuel, helping to protect the environment, and more.