Securite glass is produced in Spanta factory in different dimensions, designs, colors and thicknesses. The thickness of the glass produced in Spanta Glass Factory can vary from 4 mm to 19 mm depending on the needs of the buyer. The thicker the glass, the greater its strength and security.

Note that high-thickness glass (19 mm) has special cases, and the thickness of building security glass for balconies, windows in … diameter of 4 mm to 8 mm is produced.

Spanta Glass Securites are custom-made in the required dimensions in the form of laminated and colored glass, double-walled Securite, etc., suitable for Spider glass facades, Curtin Wall facades, etc.

Securite glass is produced in different dimensions according to customer needs.
Securite glass is produced in different dimensions according to the needs of the consumer.

This product is one of the products that have caused many changes in the glass industry and the factories for the production of this glass are constantly developing.

Spanta Glass glass factory with years of experience in the field of manufacturing and production in various dimensions and designs, offers a variety of Securite glass at the most appropriate prices. For information on price and order tariffs in custom dimensions and special features suitable for the building facade project, contact Spanta Glass sales experts at 02188102398.

Sell ​​Securite glass

Due to the low strength and resistance of raw glass to impact, cold and heat and the damage it caused financially and manually, a product called unbreakable glass was introduced to the world market. The first factory to produce this product was called Miral, which for several years produced unbreakable glass exclusively by this factory. Hence it is also known as Miral glass.

Advantages of unbreakable Securite glass over raw glass

Specifications of Miral glass

Miral glass is lighter than ordinary glass but has a higher resistance
Comparison of unbreakable glass and raw glass

Buy Securite glass

Securite glass, like any other device, is both counterfeit and genuine on the market. In the meantime, you need to make purchases based on your needs and goals. Our advice is to pay attention to the following points when buying.

Making unbreakable glass

To produce this product, raw glass is cut into a furnace after cutting to increase its strength and resistance. Glass cutting can not be done after heating the glass, also using CNC machines to increase the speed of this work.

As we said, glass is made in different dimensions. These dimensions can be between 120 mm and 300 mm and up to the largest size, which is common in the market, 3200 mm by 8400 mm. Each of these dimensions has its own different performance and the other dimensions are generally between these two sizes. Unbreakable glass can have a variety of geometric designs such as squares, rectangles, rhombuses and که that can be applied in different parts of the structure. The specifications mentioned in the variety of dimensions and size include only a part of the variety of Miral glass.

The heat seen by the glass inside the furnace increases its strength.
Production of Securite glass requires high knowledge and expertise.

Types of Securite glass

Since it has high strength and security, it is gradually replacing ordinary glass and is used in the production of various types of glass. Many standards must be observed when testing Securite glass to ensure its safety in every way. In this section, we introduce three of the most widely used types: Ordinary: It is the first and most widely used type of this glass. Appearance is not much different from ordinary glass. This type of glass is produced in thicknesses of 4 mm to 19 mm. Also used for industries, construction, decorative appliances, home appliances, kitchen appliances and.. Double glazing: This type of glass is very similar in appearance to double glazing but has a much higher resistance. This product, like double-glazed glass, consists of two layers of glass of the same size and diameter with the space between them compressed gas. This glass is commonly used in construction and as window glass. Two layers: As we said, these glasses have high strength and safety. The two layers have 7 to 12 times higher resistance against impact, heat and cold than ordinary glass. This type of glass is commonly used in industry. Securite glass has other categories as well. Another category in terms of quality and transparency is the following types:

Price of Securite glass

As you can see, these glasses are determined in different thicknesses. The thicker your glass, the higher the price. Another important factor in determining the price of Securite glass is its strength, durability and quality. The brand of the glass manufacturer is also a very important factor.

To buy Securite glass in different colors and with special features, you can contact Spanta Glass specialists through our contact page.

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