One of the company's notable projects is the administrative building in the Eshtehard Industrial Park. This project was designed, manufactured, and installed by the Sepanta Glass Engineering team in 1383 (2004-2005) using a combined system of frameless facade and composite panels, covering an area of 370 square meters. With the advent of new facade materials, Sepanta Glass has incorporated their use into its work according to existing standards.

The use of composite panels has become widespread due to their lightweight construction, easy installation, short execution time, and the possibility of executing various designs and shapes in a short period. In addition, frameless facades using double-glazed and laminated glasses have been among the most widely used facade execution systems since 1380 (2001) to date. Following frameless facades, with the advancement of technology and machinery in the building construction industry, systems such as lamella facades and spider facades have gained popularity among architects and builders.

Sepanta Glass, in addition to producing laminated glass, tempered glass, double-glazed glass, and bulletproof glass, also has a wide range of facade design and execution projects in its portfolio. Relying on a capable engineering team and modern and up-to-date machinery, Sepanta's quality in both production and execution has led to customer satisfaction for many years.