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Double-glazed glass is made of two or more layers of parallel glass with a distance of a few millimeters, and the space between the glasses is usually filled by the manufacturer with inert gases such as argon, etc. This empty space acts like an insulator and prevents the passage of sound and the exchange of temperature inside the house with the outside environment. In the following, you will get to know its types and purchase tips.

شیشه دوجداره

Windows are one of the important and integral parts of buildings, but in today’s world, the noise that enters the house through these windows, as well as the waste of energy through the windows, is one of the problems that concern the general public, especially in cities. Big, involved himself.
Double-paned laminated glass was a solution that engineers have found to solve this problem of traditional windows, and it is considered the best option to deal with noise pollution, and more importantly, it prevents energy wastage.

Advantages of double-glazed glass

During the last decade, all builders have been obliged to use double-glazed glass in the construction of all residential, commercial, office, etc. buildings, and the reason for this is that it has the following advantages:

energy saving
Noise reduction
Increased safety
Increase in property value
Preventing the passage of UV rays
No color change in different weather conditions
Resistance to fire and earthquake
Long life and compatibility with the environment
No vapor formation on the glass
High variety of colors
Different types of double-glazed glass
Types of double-glazed glass

There are different types of double-glazed windows that are generally made by combining different glasses with a double-glazed design: Simple: It is made of two simple flute glasses. Colored: It has a colored glass panel and a plain glass layer. Reflex: It consists of a layer of reflex glass and a simple glass wall.

Double-glazed tempered glass

As you know, tempered glass is made in a process with a temperature of nearly 700 degrees Celsius. In this process, special materials are placed on the glass, and after this step, the glass is placed in cold air, which increases its resistance several times. It is good to know that the resistance of tempered glass is several times that of ordinary glass, because it is made of a layer of tempered glass next to a plain glass and is used in high-risk places.

Double-glazed laminated glass

This type of glass is one of the types of glass that has been very popular in recent years, and if we want to mention the most important advantages of this glass, we can mention the lower heat exchange coefficient compared to double-glazed laminated glass. Also, one of the most important advantages is the transmission of less sound, and another important point is the very high security of this glass, which has made it very practical. Double-paned laminated glass is made of one layer of laminated glass next to a single pane of glass or two layers of laminated glass.

Double glass spider

Spider glass is connected in a point way, and spider glass is considered one of the self-standing and modern glasses. In addition to being highly transparent, the double-paned spider glass has a very reasonable and light weight, and on the other hand, it shows a very high resistance against impact. This type of glass has entered the market in recent years and four-paned spider glass can be produced with the help of an O-ring.