Project Date: 1389 (2010)
Project Location: Tehran
Project Type: Frameless Double-Glazed Curved Facade

Twin towers of Tajrish

One of the company’s projects is the Tehran Twin Towers located on Vali Asr Street, which uses laminated glass in its construction.

This project was designed and executed by Sepanta Glass Engineering Team in 2010 with two materials frameless double-glazed facade with steel structure and curved composite facade by fixing method in two towers with a height of 10 floors.

Frameless glasses, in addition to being beautiful, maintaining a uniform appearance and having sufficient light, are also a very suitable insulator to prevent energy waste. This type of glass is also a suitable sound insulator.

To maintain the safety of frameless glasses, a three-layer combination of laminated double-glazed glass is used, which, in addition to being sound and heat insulated, will not collapse if objects hit the glass and break, and will not harm people and equipment at risk.

The quality of double-glazed glasses is directly related to two factors: moisture absorber and sealant used.

The sealant used in double-glazed glasses is silicone type, which is not susceptible to damage by sunlight and will not allow moisture to penetrate into the empty layer between the two layers of laminated security glass.

The features of composite facade include lightweight structure, ease of execution and less execution time compared to other materials.

Sepanta Glass Company, in addition to producing laminated glass, security glass, double-glazed glass and bulletproof glass, has a portfolio of services such as design and execution of many facade construction projects.

Relying on a powerful engineering team and modern and up-to-date machinery, Sepanta’s quality in both production and execution has led to customer satisfaction.