Car bulletproof glass

Car bulletproof glass plays an important role in improving the safety of cars because breaking windows due to an accident is a common occurrence that endangers the lives of many car occupants; Also for car thieves and attackers, one of the first ways to get inside the car is. In addition to high resistance to breakage in accidents, car bulletproof glass is a very strong barrier against attackers and car thieves. Glass reinforcement is divided into different types, each of which has its own applications.

Types of car glass reinforcement

There are several types of car window reinforcement, but in general, car bulletproof glass is divided into two general categories:
Impact glass: The use of impact glass prevents the car glass from being broken by light and severe blows of the attackers, in case of breakage, it will not break. This glass can withstand several heavy blows of a hammer.
Bulletproof glass: These glasses are more resistant than impact glass and in addition to impact, they are also resistant to bullets. There are several types of bulletproof glass, and their resistance is categorized by their diameter and the caliber of the bullet they can withstand.

Car bulletproof glass classes

Car bulletproof glass has different classifications, which include classes BR1 to BR8.
Class BR1: It has a diameter of 14mm and is resistant to light shocks.
Class BR2: It has a diameter of 22mm and resists about 70 blows of an ax.
Class BR3: It has a diameter of 26mm and can withstand grenade fragments.
BR4 class: It has a diameter of 32mm and is resistant to light 9mm bolts.
BR5: It has a diameter of 38mm and is resistant to 45mm bullets.
BR6: It has a diameter of 43mm and can withstand several Kalashnikov bullets.
BR7 & BR8: They have a diameter of more than 43mm, which depends on the type of threats. These glasses are resistant to J3, Qanaseh, etc.

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