Sepanta glass

Sepanta Glass Company with 30 years of experience in the field of design and production of construction glass.

This company with a production capacity of 45,000 square meters of glass per year and with the use of the most modern machinery and a capable and experienced team, has been trying to improve the quality of construction glass for many years.

The company’s products include laminated glass, SGWARD (bulletproof and anti-riot glass), double-glazed and spandrel glass according to the standards of the building industry.

Sepanta glass company

تزریق آرگون به شیشه دوجداره
  • Fully automatic glass cutting line with Z Bavelloni CNC machine made in Italy.
  • Fully automatic double edging glass processing and washing line.
  • Complete horizontal tempering furnace with the ability to produce glass up to 2440 x 4000 mm. This furnace can produce all glass thicknesses used in the building industry (4 to 19 mm) with the best quality and least distortion. The advantages of this advanced furnace include the ability to perform heat treatment on all coated glass, including soft-coat and hard-coat glass.

The capacity of the Sepenta Glass production line

  • Fully automatic laminating line with NORDGLASS machine. This machine can produce laminated glass up to 80 millimeters thick and with maximum dimensions of 2600 x 6000 millimeters for flat glass. It can also laminate curved glass panels up to 2600 x 2600 millimeters.
  • Double-glazed glass production line using both silicone and polysulfide adhesives.
  • Ceramic frit printing machine for spandrel glass with a wide variety of colors.