Pars Laneh Concrete Factory

type of project : Spider double laminated facade
project site : Pars Laneh Concrete Factory
Project date: 1392

Pars Laneh Concrete Factory:

One of the projects of this company is the laminated glass project of Pars Laneh concrete production factory located in Hesarak, Karaj city.

This project was designed, produced and executed by Spanta Glass Engineering Team in 1392 with Spider system with an area of ​​450 square meters.

The design of the facade is according to the request of the client (all-glass facade) with the spider system, the combination of glass and concrete is beautifully put together and a beautiful garden in front of it has turned the building into an attractive space to work.


Spider facade is designed with a steel pipe structure. In addition to the facade, a glass floor with a width of 1500 mm and a length of 20 meters is designed and executed with 3-layer laminated glass.


Facade glass is a type of double-glazed laminated glass that reduces energy consumption in the building. Also, the laminated safety of glass increases the safety of the building and if it breaks, the glass will not collapse.

Glass floors are produced in 3 layers (or if necessary with more layers of glass and talc), glass floor has a very high compressive strength.

This type of glass is also used in shop windows, gold shop windows, exchange offices, glass floors, glass stairs, spider facades, frameless facades and curtain wall facades.

In addition to producing laminated glass, safety glass, double glazing and bulletproof glass, Spanta Glass Company has many services such as designing and executing facade construction projects in its resume.

Relying on a capable engineering team and modern and up-to-date machinery, the quality of Spanta complex has been satisfying customers for many years in both production and execution areas.

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