Knowledge-based companies Innovation and Prosperity Fund

type of project : Double-frame frameless view – glass partition
project site : Kurdistan Highway
Project date: 1393

Innovation and Prosperity Fund


Dear friends, in this section we want to introduce you to another Spanta glass project:

Innovation and Prosperity Fund is located on Kurdistan Highway. This 13-storey tower was implemented in 2014 by Spanta Glass Engineering Team in 3 phases.

Facade construction with composite sheet: In the first phase, according to the design of the project facade, 4200 square meters of composite sheet was executed in 4 tower facades. The executive system of the composite facade is H-shaped and is sealed with silicone adhesive.

  • Facade construction with frameless laminated glass: In the second phase, 4300 square meters of frameless glass with a special profile was implemented. Simultaneously with the execution of the composite facade, the facade glass was produced as a double-laminated laminate in Spanta glass factory.

Frameless view features

  • Ease of implementation
    Use double glazing to reduce heat and sound transfer from inside to outside and vice versa
    Use laminated glass on the outer wall to increase the security of the building against attack or impact of objects with glass
    Injection of argon gas into double glazing to increase the insulation of the glass


Execute glass partitions

In the third phase of the project, a glass partition with a spider system was implemented in an area of ​​4,500 square meters.

Features of glass partitions

  • Lightweight structure with high execution speed
    The final thickness of the glass is 16 miles, which takes up less space compared to a brick wall.
    Ability to move the partition without destroying the floor, ceiling and partition
    Use laminated glass to increase resistance
    Create a modern and beautiful atmosphere


    Spanta Glass is a manufacturer of laminated glass, bulletproof glass, double glazed glass, Securite glass with the best quality.

    Relying on the capable engineering team and modern machinery, the quality of Spanta complex in the field of production and execution has caused customer satisfaction.

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