Amir Kabir Shiraz Terminal

type of project : Double laminated spider
project site : Shiraz city
Project date: 1393


Amirkabir Shiraz Passenger Terminal:


One of the projects of this company is Amirkabir passenger terminal in Shiraz, which is in the Spider facade project group.

This project was designed, produced and executed by Spanta Glass Engineering Team in 2014 with a spider facade system with an area of ​​850 square meters.

The structure is constructed according to the technical specifications of a 4-inch pipe with a thickness of 3 mm as a truss, double-glazed glass with a combination of 2 layers of 6 mm laminate.

The use of double-glazed laminated glass in this project has provided the possibility of insulating the facade for the operator.

The project is sealed with silicone adhesive according to the desired standards to completely prevent water and wind from penetrating into the interior.

Laminated glass is widely used in display projects to maintain personal and financial security. This type of glass is more resistant than single-layer glass and will not collapse when broken.

Also, laminated glass will not be able to be separated from each other after production.

Other applications of laminated glass include spider facades, frameless facades, lamellar facades, glass floors and ceilings, glass awnings and handrails, glass partitions, bulletproof and anti-disturbance glass.

In addition to producing laminated glass, safety glass, double glazing and bulletproof glass, Spanta Glass Company has many services such as designing and executing facade construction projects in its resume.

Relying on a capable engineering team and modern and up-to-date machinery, the quality of Spanta complex in two areas of production and execution has resulted in customer satisfaction.

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