Office building on Bucharest Street

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project site : Tehran
Project date: 1391

Bucharest office building:


One of the projects of this company is the office building on Bucharest Street. This project was designed, produced and executed by Spanta Glass Engineering Team in 2012 with a combination of frameless facade and dry ceramic with an area of ​​170 square meters. Also, all the glass and dry facades used in this project have been produced by Spanta Glass Production Factory.

Replacing modern facades with traditional facades has advantages such as lightness of structure, speed and ease of execution and modern appearance. In the above project, instead of using a stone facade, a dry ceramic facade with a light steel substructure has been used.

Also, the use of frameless facade with special profiles and double-glazed security, in addition to full light of the building during the day, is a good insulation against moisture and sound.

Double glazing used in frameless, lamellar and spider facades is better to be designed and produced by combining double glazing so that in case of failure, the glass will not collapse and damage to people or property near the window.

Modern building materials will allow architects to create creativity and innovation.

In addition to producing laminated glass, safety glass, double glazing and bulletproof glass, Spanta Glass Company has many services such as designing and executing facade construction projects in its resume.

Relying on a capable engineering team and modern and up-to-date machinery, the quality of Spanta complex in two areas of production and execution has resulted in customer satisfaction.

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