View of Curtin Wall

Curtin Wall literally means curtain wall. This facade is a modern, light and flexible facade that separates the interior from the outside like a wall or glass curtain. The use of the curtain wall facade in the facade of buildings expanded in the late twentieth century, and a variety of models entered the market. Curtin Wall has a static structure. This system, which is made of glass and aluminum, does not support the weight of the building and only its own weight and wind weight are applied to it. It also does not impose any additional weight on the building.

Curtin Wall glass facade

It is commonly used in tall buildings and skyscrapers, because the use of curtain wall facade in the facade of the building makes it possible, in addition to beauty, to calculate the dead load of the building and wind pressure, etc., using design programs. Make the building more resistant to climate change. In this system, aluminum pipes are anodized and the panels are replaced with fluoropolymer layers. This increases its life and has different degrees of thermal resistance depending on the thermal materials used in the factory.

شیشه کرتین وال - سپنتا گلس
In the curtain wall facade, aluminum is used instead of iron profiles.

Types of curtain wall glass facades

1. Facecap with cap
2. Half face cup
3. Frameless without visible lines
4. Reinforced with steel

In the curtain wall view, different glasses are used according to the consumer’s needs. The most widely used glasses in this facade are laminated glass and Securite glass, each of which has unique capabilities.

Advantages of Curtin Wall View

One of the most important advantages of using it in the facade of the building is the lightness of this structure. Makes them very useful in high-rise buildings. The lightness of the curtain wall system reduces the dead load of the structure and makes it more resistant to accidents such as earthquakes. In addition, the surface of the lamellas is designed to be completely locked together and insulated with special rubber (EPDM) for thermal, acoustic and moisture.

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