Spider view

Spider facade is one of the products made of stainless steel and its structure is such that it can be resistant to moisture. This glass is used in the facade of the building without using any frame; So there will be no obstacle to seeing the outside environment. The panel of this glass is usually 10 to 12 mm thick, and because it is both beautiful and high quality, it has been considered by architects and tower builders.

Spider facade material

Spider glass has a sex of unbreakable glass; Therefore, one should not worry about damaging it in situations such as storms, floods, strong shocks and other such situations. It should also be noted that this glass is also a good insulator against sound and heat, which can create good conditions for the environment.
Due to the properties of this glass, we see its use in the facades of ministries, hotels, office buildings, airports, etc. Note that the panels of this product are used in two forms of single-pane glass and double-pane glass with sound insulation. On the other hand, these panels are in two models, sliding and fixed, which you can open if needed.

Install and run Spider View

The cool thing about the Spider-Man view is that you do not need any frames to install it. This was not at all understandable in the past, but as you can see today, with the advances we have made in technology, the Spider view can be installed without any frames. In fact, this glass is connected in one axis using a connector. The spider facade uses Securite glass and spider fittings, and the larger the glass used in the facade, the more effect it creates.

مزایای شیشه اسپایدر

Shahid Kazemi Project

Advantages of using Spider View

As mentioned, Spider’s facade is used more in facade design today than ever before; Because there are many benefits to it. In the following, we will refer to the most obvious features of the Spider view to be informed about them.

  • Ability to install and run easily in the environment
    Low weight compared to other views
    Transparency and good visibility to the outside environment
    Resistant to earthquake vibrations, heavy rain and other accidents
    High diversity
    Easy to wash and clean

قیمت شیشه اسپایدر

Production, design, installation and execution of Spider glass facade

Spider view price

It is not possible to give a definite and definite opinion to express the price of a spider’s view, because it depends on various factors. In fact, the price of this product is determined based on the shape and appearance you have in mind. In the following, we will refer to the main factors that determine the price of a Spider-Man view, so that you can be informed about them.

  • The price of the facade depends on the amount of glass used.
    Shapes and profiles affect the price of the facade.
    Topics such as frameless, glass type and uschnel can also change the price.

Spider view execution conditions

As mentioned in the Spider Viewer Disadvantages section, the necessary calculations in this regard are very complex and require high accuracy; So if a few millimeters are wrong in the calculations, all the steps will be difficult. The next issue is the dimensions of the spider view, which depends entirely on the designer and architect, and they determine these dimensions according to the view that is considered; But keep in mind that the larger the dimensions of the spider view, the more beautiful the work will be.
Now, according to the explanations given to you, you may want to use the spider view; But do not know what to do in this regard? For this reason, we have an offer for you, and that is to entrust the design and execution of the Spider facade to Spanta Glass Company.

Why Spanta Glass?

Spanta Glass Glass Production Factory has started its activity in the field of modern facade and design since 2002 and has included various products in its product list; So that you can safely buy any model of building glass that you need to design the facade and environment from the products of this company.
One of the products of Spanta Glass is Spider, which is sold in the best quality and the most appropriate price. You can get this product from Spanta Glass. Also, if you have any questions about this product and its use, contact the numbers listed on the company’s website so that the experts can provide you with the most comprehensive information so that you can make the right decision in order to buy this glass.