Glass roof (Skylight)

Today, glass roofs or skylights are used as skylights on the roofs of buildings. Glass ceilings are one of the beauties of architectural art. In addition to the beautiful appearance that they give to the facade of the building, these roofs have a light mode and help to reduce electricity consumption. In this way, in buildings that use this glass, natural light is used as light to illuminate the building. Today at Spanta Glass, we take a complete look at glass roofs and skylights.

Types of glass roofs

Glass ceilings are divided into different categories according to different criteria. But in general, these structures are divided into two categories. The first category is a fixed glass roof and the second category is a movable glass roof, which we will examine in the following.

Fixed glass roof

Fixed glass roof is more popular than other models and is more welcomed by consumers, and if you look at modern structures, you can see that they have mostly used this style. This structure has much higher safety and security and is installed and implemented seamlessly. To install and execute this structure, accurate and correct calculations must be done so that there is no problem in terms of safety.

Movable glass roof

Another type of Skylight glass roof that has been widely developed in recent years due to some of its unique capabilities and features and is used in various places. How to execute this structure is rail. The ability to open and close this structure is also called a folding glass roof. The same structure is divided into two categories according to its opening and closing lament. The first category, which is done using electric motors. Another type of structure uses a manual gearbox to open and close. This structure is mostly used for cafes and restaurants.

Strength of glass roof

One of the important questions that may arise for you is whether these glasses are resistant to wind, rain, storms and changes in the external environment or not?
Our experts in Spanta glass consider the necessary standards for glass design depending on the surface area, type of architecture and building design. Roof glass should be designed to withstand the pressure of snow, rainwater, as well as winter cold and summer heat. These glasses are called impact-resistant glass.

To design the Skylight glass roof, there is definitely a need for ironwork so that the load caused by the glass is placed on the iron. They also tilt the glass slightly to reduce pressure. The normal slope is about 1% to 5%. A slope of 5% is used for cleaning in areas with humid climates.

مزایای شقف شیشه ای
Glass roof resistance

Advantages of glass roof

Buying a glass roof has many advantages that are very affordable compared to the cost you pay to buy it. Join us as we explore the benefits of glass or skylights
1) Possibility of self-cleaning
One of the features that adds to the charm of this type of glass; Possibility of self-cleaning. Today, with the advancement of technology, this possibility is easily provided for skylights.
2) Light radiation into the building throughout the day
Existence of glass roofs in addition to giving a lot of beauty to your home. Increases the value of the house and luxury and luxury will make your home look more and more. These types of ceilings enhance the presence of natural light in the house, which helps maintain the health of the body and strengthen vitamin D in the body. Glass ceilings are a great option for balancing color and brightness. Which is of great importance in home decoration. Some of these roofs also use energy glass, which does not allow heat to enter.
3) Strong soundproof glass roof
These types of roofs are a very strong insulation against outside noise pollution. The glass roof can control the sound emitted at high decibels. Allow you to have a quiet and comfortable rest after a tiring day. Without even noticing the sounds outside. These glasses are much more insulating than plastic sound insulation. Securite glass is usually used for this purpose.
4) Reduce energy consumption in summer and winter
In addition to being a sound insulator, it is a very effective insulator against heat and cold. These insulations without you noticing; Prevents the influence of external factors. You keep the air conditioned without the need for air conditioning or room heaters. For houses that are large and have bills with high figures. This type of glass is a good option to reduce their cost.

Installing glass roof

Today, installing a glass roof is a simple and quick task for experts in this field. Of course, ordinary people and those who do not specialize in this field should not take the installation of this structure at all, because this work requires a lot of skill, and if a mistake is made, you will suffer irreparable damage. To install this sara, they use an iron frame, which makes it very strong. Of course, this can be changed according to the customer’s request.

Price of glass roof

The price of glass roof, like other goods, is a function of the price of raw materials, and with the fluctuation of the price of raw materials, the price of this structure will also change. Of course, the important point here is that most of the materials used in the construction process of this structure are imported and are a function of the dollar price, and with its fluctuation, the price of the structure will change. Of course, the price of this structure depends on other factors such as dimensions, color, etc., and each can make changes.

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