Glass handrail

The use of glass handrails or handrails in the interior of the building has a great impact on the beauty of the building and gives it a unique beauty. With less and less fans of glamorous designs and decorations, glass railings have attracted a lot of attention. It is also used in many modern and minimalist architectures.
Handrail glass is generally made of laminated glass. Available in widths of 5, 6, 8, 10 mm. The strength of these fences is related to the thickness of the layers of Securite glass.

Glass handrail

In addition to beauty, glass handrails are durable and easy to install. The advantages of using a glass fence are easy cleaning and no rot against moisture and.. As a result, it has a longer life than other types of fences and provides higher safety. Glass railings give a beautiful view to the environment and make the space bigger. In addition to stairs, these glasses are also very popular for balconies. Frameless and fringed types of glass handrails are used to surround pools and items that you do not want to ruin your good view. To buy a glass facade, you can get help from Spanta Glass glass factory, which has a brilliant history in this field for many years.

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Glass railings give a special look to your building due to its unique design.

Specifications of glass handrails

In general, the glass handrail consists of two parts: the base and the safety glass. The glass handrail base is divided into 3 general categories. These three categories include Fix Point, Burial, and Exposure (Spigate). Due to their differences, they are used according to the employer.
Fix Point Glass Handrail: The Detail Fix Point system has a modern combination of strip eye and Securite glass and laminated glass with fasteners that connect the glass to the base as shown above. These clamps that can easily withstand all the pressures of glass weight and lateral pressures. They are made of steel and their number depends on the details of the project.
Exposure: Exposure or eccentricity is designed in such a way that the handrail glass is placed inside a U-shaped aluminum profile. To fill the empty space in between and also to reduce vibrations, pieces called “wedges” are used.
Burial: Burial is one of the most up-to-date and beautiful types of handrails that give a minimalist look to your environment. In this handrail system, aluminum parts and… are buried inside the flooring of your environment and create a uniform surface. This glass handrail system has many advantages. But it requires a lot of coordination between the handrail execution team and the flooring.

Round stair glass handrail

Today, unlike in the past, not all stairs are flat and straight, and the stairs of new and modern buildings are round. Designing, building and installing round glass railings requires high expertise, skills and experience. You should leave this task to experts who have a successful background and experience. When you buy round glass railings from Spanta Glass, you have no restrictions in choosing the type of base and glass, and we have many years of successful experience in the production of bent glass with any dimensions.