Triple glazing is a type of building glass that consists of three layers of single glazing with two spacers or empty space and must be placed inside a fully insulated frame. In the space between the layers, gases with low heat transfer are used, in fact, the middle glass layer acts as an insulator. In the empty spaces between each membrane, argon gas is usually injected through triple glazing to equalize its pressure with the outside environment and not to damage the glass in the event of temperature changes. Energy efficiency will be improved by the gases between the walls. The frame used for installation generally affects the performance of the window and the optimal distance between the layers is observed by the manufacturer.
Triple glazing is used in very cold environments, because it is much better heat insulation than other types of glass. Also, environments where the noise of the outside environment is annoying, these glasses can be very efficient and prevent noise from entering the environment to a great extent. Triple glazed windows are used for homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, etc.

مزایای شیشه سه جداره

Advantages of triple glazing

The use of this category of windows offers a wide range of advantages and they have excellent performance compared to traditional glass in areas with harsh weather characteristics. The presence of three layers of glass also increases the safety of the building. The most important advantages of triple glazing are:

Soundproofing: Triple glazing is a great choice for environments such as hospitals, meeting rooms and other environments that require more silence, the quietness of their environment is very important and is a strong sound insulation. Come on.
Energy saving: Triple glazing is much better insulated than other types of windows and prevents heat loss or indoor cold. This feature can save up to 40% in environmental energy consumption. In countries with very cold climates, such as Norway, such glass is used to prevent cold from entering the building.

Strength and beauty: In addition to beauty, multi-walled glass has a higher strength than single-layer glass. These windows are also more secure than single-layer models.

What should we pay attention to when buying a triple glazed window?

There are standards and regulations for insulation of residential, commercial, medical, etc. buildings that the executors of this matter must follow all of them and pay attention to the key points during the implementation. In addition, when installing glass and windows, contact experienced consultants to choose the best option for the building, which will achieve the best results and prevent problems.

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