The use of large windows or the design of the glass facade has a great impact on the beauty of the building, so that the use of large windows adds many times to the beauty of the building. Many decoration designers are now trying to make the most of glass for a variety of reasons, both indoors and outdoors. In the past, glass did not have many features and had many disadvantages; In the summer, when the sun shines on these glasses, these glasses pass the heat and cause the interior of the building to heat up, and for this reason, the residents of the building had to cover the glass and its seams in different ways; Therefore, in practice, these glasses did not work. In the meantime, the innovative design of double-glazed sunroof glass solved all these problems; This glass has a high transparency and is created by combining low-reflection coatings with a wide range of colored glass substrates.

What is double glazed sunergy?

Glass has many applications today, the main reason being the facilities and features that glass has acquired with the help of advanced technologies and modern production lines. One of these glasses, which has been very popular in recent years due to its unique capabilities, is the energy glass, which is now produced by many reputable factories. Sanergy double glazed glass literally means glass to reduce energy consumption, and this is exactly the main and important use of this glass. That is, due to the manufacturing process of this type of glass, it does not allow energy to be wasted and in addition, it saves energy consumption and reduces costs.

This category of glass has the properties of solar control, thermal insulation and low light reflection, people in the building are aware of the outside environment and at the same time helps reduce the cost of air conditioning. These glasses are used as integrated glass, laminated glass and bent glass, and in double-glazed and triple-glazed glass, they offer the greatest amount of freedom in processing and design.

Benefits of energy glass

Producing energy glasses is a very difficult and complex task and requires a lot of expertise and skills. For this reason, currently few countries are able to produce and manufacture this product and the whole world can not produce it, and Iran is one of the few countries that have been able to produce and supply this glass. An advanced industrial device is also used in its production.

At present, energy glasses are produced and offered to the market in different colors, and each of these colors is made according to a specific purpose and need. Of course, some of these colors have the same characteristics and are designed to meet all tastes in different colors. The most commonly used colors are blue, green and gray. Of course, many other colors are made from this product, but as mentioned, these colors have been more popular.

Energy glass
Double-walled glass Energy-saving glass greatly reduces energy consumption

Application of double glazed sanergy glass

A chemical layer is used during the production of these glasses. This glass has many outstanding features, but the most important of them is the reduction of u-value. This layer plays a very important role in saving and reducing energy consumption. Another major use of double-glazed energy glass is to prevent heat exchange, meaning that heat is not exchanged inside and outside the building. Also, during the day, when the sun shines on the glass, the heat is not allowed to pass through the radiation, which is a very important point for the hot seasons.

This glass also does not allow dangerous rays to pass. Customers have the opportunity to use this glass both as a single layer and as a laminate. In a way, it can be said that this glass controls sunlight. This glass is very beautiful and gives a special effect to buildings. Another positive point of this glass is its low reflection, and this feature helps customers to see objects in their true color.

Benefits of energy glass

The use of double glazed or triple glazed windows has many advantages and the purpose of using them is to get the most out of natural light and thus reduce energy consumption.

Easy processing

The process of processing energy glass is very easy so that it can be easily laminated, heated, curved, enameled and printed, does not need to remove the edge and has a high durability.

Low light reflection

Sanerge double glazing has a high transparency, which is made in accordance with modern design trends due to very low light reflection. This glass prevents heat transfer through radiation and conduction methods and also prevents the entry of UV rays.


Sunroof glass is suitable for making facades and windows in commercial and residential buildings and gives beauty to the facades of residential and commercial buildings.

Unlimited design options

The four colored substrates of the glass offer a wide range of aesthetic elements for the double-glazed glass. These glasses can be used as single layer, double layer, triple layer and laminate.

For many years, Spantaglass Glass Factory, as a manufacturer of various models of glass, has been trying to attract the maximum satisfaction of its customers by producing quality glass and offering it at a low price.

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