Double glazed building laminate

Glass is one of the most widely used tools in the construction of buildings and structures and is widely used in both interior and exterior of buildings. In the past, there was only one type of glass called single-pane glass. But in recent years, a wide range of glass has been produced, followed by different types of glass, such as double-glazed building laminated glass, Securite glass, bulletproof glass, etc., with different purposes and capabilities.

Production of laminated double glazing

Laminated double glazing has high durability and safety because it is made of several layers. But the main reason for the high strength of this glass is the varnish used in its structure. Laminate glass is made of a multi-layer glass and a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) talc during a process at a certain temperature and pressure. The number of layers and thickness of talc used in this glass can vary according to the needs and goals of customers. Currently, the most widely used talcs available in the market have thicknesses of 0.38 mm, 0.76 mm and 36.1 mm. Ordinary glass breaks into dangerous and sharp pieces when broken, while laminated glass is not dangerous at all if broken. The PVB layer creates a strong bond between the layers and due to its integrated structure, it remains the same during impact and does not allow the glass pieces to break.

Laminated double glazing
Building laminate double glazing is made of several layers of glass and a PVB talc

Application of double glazing in buildings

Double glazing is one of the most widely used glass in various industries and one of the industries that use this glass a lot is the construction industry. Double glazing with its unique capabilities is a very practical glass. This glass has an acceptable amount of sound insulation in the sense that it does not allow the passage of sound to a large extent. Also, this glass does not allow heat exchange to some extent, and using it helps to save energy.

Laminated glass has a wide range of applications in commercial and residential buildings due to its strength and unbreakability, and their strength also increases the security of a building. Most of the uses of laminated double glazing are related to elevators and stair glass railings and interior decoration and elevators, and it is also used for glass floors, glass roofs, skylights, glass facades, etc. Due to its good sound insulation, this glass is used as sound insulation in environments such as hotels, airports, terminals, music recording studios and similar environments.

Advantages of laminated double glazing

Laminate is a component of double glazing that has recently been added to them. Of course, not all double glazing is laminated and only some have this feature. In the following, we will discuss the differences between laminated double glazing and ordinary double glazing. Building laminate double glazing is a very strong and suitable insulation for sound, that is, it does not allow noise pollution to enter from outside the building. Also, double-glazed laminated glass is a very good heat insulator and in the hot season, it does not allow scorching heat to enter from outside the building, and in winter, it does not allow the exchange of heat and cold. This capability reduces energy consumption, which has a direct role in reducing energy costs.

Types of laminated double glazing

Double glazing is divided into different models according to their manufacturing process and customer goals and needs, the most prominent of which are: Securite laminated glass, Lacobel laminated glass, laminated glass with steel frames, Colored laminated glass, printed laminated glass. Each of these glasses is designed and produced based on specific goals, so customers should obtain sufficient information about the use of glasses and the type of need before making a purchase. These glasses have different models that are used for special purposes.

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Double glazed building laminate
The price of laminated double glazing depends on the number of layers

Price of double glazed building laminate

PVC lacquer is used in laminated double glazing and there are different types of lacquers. The quality and thickness of this varnish is a very important factor in determining the price of double-glazed building laminate. In addition, the quality of the glass used in the glass manufacturing process and the final color of the glass will be another important factor, and the number of layers of laminated double-glazed glass is an important factor. Obviously, the more layers used, the higher the final price of the glass. Although the price of these glasses is higher than ordinary single-walled glasses, but the advantages that it offers will cover all the costs and will significantly avoid the exorbitant costs of energy waste.


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