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It is very important to provide bulletproof glass to provide some places where there is a possibility of armed attack, places such as gold shops and exchange offices and some special vehicles, etc., so it is used to protect such bulletproof glass environments. . Bulletproof glass is no different in appearance from ordinary glass. In the process of producing impact-resistant glass, important principles and points must be observed, which unfortunately, some profiteers today market counterfeit glass as impact-resistant glass, so when buying, one should pay attention to refer to reputable centers.

Application of bulletproof glass
Types of unbreakable glass thickness

What is bulletproof glass?

This type of glass consists of 3 or 4 layers of glass, which is covered with PVC polymer acne. The greater the thickness and number of layers of glass and consequently the number of layers of PVB, the higher the strength of this glass. When the bullet hits the first layer, the plastic layer pushes the bullet and stops the bullet. These glasses do not shatter if they are hit and broken.
Bulletproof glass looks like ordinary glass, but bulletproof glass is produced from a special type of bulletproof film and production process that is specific to making bulletproof glass.

Bulletproof glass thickness

Bulletproof glass comes in a variety of thicknesses depending on the location used in the market. You need to determine how much resistance you need then buy. If we look at the glass resistant to bullets, penetration and impact, it looks integrated, but if you pay a little attention, you will see different layers of glass. The thickness of the glass varies from 20 mm to 78 mm. 20mm impact glass is resistant to Colt rifles, but 78mm glass is also resistant to J3.

Price of shockproof glass

As you can see, there are different scratch and bulletproof glasses on the market and of course there are different prices. You must first determine how much thickness is enough for your needs then make a purchase. Naturally, the thicker the glass, the higher the price. Of course, you should also buy from a reputable store, because glass that is not bulletproof at all may be introduced to you as the best bulletproof glass.

Application of shockproof glass

Impact glass is used in gold shops, exchange offices, cars and special places. They are also used in buildings and laboratories where there is a risk of explosion and police offices. Other places where bulletproof glass is used are organizations with high security sensitivity, antique shops, banks, etc.

Bulletproof glass

Types of shockproof glass
The difference between original and counterfeit bulletproof glass

As mentioned, bulletproof glass is made of PVB, but some of them are available in the form of counterfeit scratches on the market, which is made of EVA and is very different from the original model. The process of making the main glass is that several layers of carbonate and glass are mixed together by PVB, in the next step the air is removed from it, then the glass and plastic are glued together at high pressure so that the layers are completely To be mixed in. When a bullet or hard object hits, the first glass is punctured, but the plastic does not allow it to pass and the bullet does not reach the last layer.

Features of unbreakable glass

  • Extremely long life without opacity
    Colorless PVP layer with high transparency
    Ability to produce in different designs and dimensions as well as smooth and bent models
    Good vision quality and no curvature and waves on its surface

Gold bulletproof glass for sale

Gold shops are among the places that need special care so that anti-theft doors and locks as well as bulletproof glass should be used for these places. In addition to impact and scratch resistance, gold jewelry glass needs to have high image quality. For this reason, gold jewelry glass should be made of quality crystals so as not to reduce the sharpness of the showcase. Also, due to the sensitivity and importance of selling gold, these glasses must be highly resistant to heavy blows and bullets, so they are made in high thicknesses.

Buy bulletproof glass
Gold shops are one of the most important places to install bulletproof glass due to their price

History of shockproof glass

This type of functional glass was created in 1878 by the French artist and scientist oudouard Bénédictus. This invention, like many great inventions, was the result of an accident, when a glass bottle did not crack when it hit the ground. The scientist researched it and invented the first bulletproof glass with a celluloid layer between the layers of glass. Registered in 1909. Other plastics were also tested. But the idea of ​​using polyvinyl in laminated glass was mooted in 1936 by Earl Fix of Pittsburgh Plate Glass. It was found that this material has very desirable properties in terms of safety and its use became universal.

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