Glass facade

Glass facade

Glass is used when designing facades because it is transparent and can transmit light well. Glass facade is one of the most popular facades, which also has various types. In the following, we will introduce this type of view to you. We will also look at its types to get acquainted with them.
It should be noted that in the early twentieth century the use of glass experienced a new era. As it can be said, it is now used as a main component in modern architecture. You can see the use of glass in the facades of large buildings, which have also become particularly popular. Today, glass towers have been used in luxury towers and many centers such as the Central Bank building, the Book Garden, the Grand Bazaar of Iran, and others.


مزایا و معایب نمای ششیشه ای

Advantages of glass facade

Due to the advances in technology in the manufacture and production of equipment. It can be said that single glazing is no longer popular. Most architects use multi-glazed windows in their facades. Here are some of the advantages of using multi-glazed windows in the facade. To be informed of them:

Ability to enjoy more sunlight
Suitable insulation against temperature and sound
Prevent UV rays from entering the environment
Ability to install and run quickly
Provide integrated visibility of people inside the building
Eye-catching beauty
High elegance of work
The price is right

Disadvantages of glass facade

Of course, there are downsides to any benefits. A glass facade is no exception. For example, one of the disadvantages of this type of facade can be considered as increasing the temperature inside the environment. Because in the summer, direct sunlight passes through the glass and enters the environment. As a result, more energy must be consumed to reduce ambient heat. Note, however, that this problem can be solved by using colored glass or dynamic curtains.
Another case that can be considered as another disadvantage of glass facade. Dirt and contamination of glass during rain and dust. This reduces the appearance of the interior and creates a disgusting appearance. Of course, you can also use canopies to solve this problem. It is also important to know that the glass should be cleaned every 6 months. This will be done very simply and quickly.

طراحی و اجرای انواع نمای شیشه ای

Types of glass facades

Glass facades are generally divided into three different categories. These three categories can be considered as spider type, double glazed frameless or frameless glass facade and curtain wall glass facade. Note that each type of view has its own characteristics.
Spider model view, which has become one of the most popular types of views today. It can reduce the disadvantages of the glass facade. For example, you need to know that spider glasses are anti-radiation glasses. Therefore, their use can be suitable in warm areas. In fact, using this type of facade in hot areas not only does not warm the environment. It can also prevent heat from entering the environment. It should also be noted that the glass used in the Spider facade is double glazing and laminated glass. Of course, sometimes when special features are needed, Securite glass is also used
The other two categories, double-glazed windowless glass and curtain wall frameless glass, are the most beautiful models for the facade; Because they are integrated. They can display the beauty of the environment uniformly. Note that the installation and use of glass is different for each facade. But the point that seems to be the same in all situations is the use of durable glass for the facade. In fact, the glass used should be of the highest quality. Now you may be wondering where these glasses can be made and used?

Spanta Glass Innovators Company

Spantagles Glass Innovators Company is one of the active companies in the field of design, production and execution of modern facades. Which provides the best and highest quality glass. You can create and use one of them according to the view you want. It should also be noted that in this company, specialized forces are designing and implementing glass facades. So you can assign 0 to 100 activities to this company. Make sure that the glass facade of your building is prepared in the best way.
Now if you still have questions about this type of facade and its types. You can ask our experts your question through the ways of contacting us. To be fully informed of all topics.

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