Installation and execution of building glass

Installation and execution of building glass

The purchase and installation of building glass must be in accordance with the building plan and specifications listed in publication number 55. The glass and materials used for the building must be approved by the monitoring device and must be in accordance with the sample. In the following, we will discuss how to install glass in the building and its details.

General principles of glass implementation

The basic distance for the seam between the glass and the frame is 2 to 3 mm. Make sure that the primer color is dry before placing the glass. In addition, the glass housing should be thoroughly cleaned and free of dust and grease. The exact size of the glass is calculated according to the dimensions of the molds in which the glass is placed.

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Installation and installation of glass

Cutting glass is done using tools with diamond blades. Also, plastic or rubber pads or strips are used to install glass suitable for the type of door and window. Which we will discuss in the following.
For wooden and metal frames that have holes, the holes must be removable and re-installed. The distance between the automatic screws used for these sprouts is about 20 cm.
For doors and windows that use plastic tape to install their glass. They must be careful when cutting glass to the space required for these rubber bands.
For wooden or metal frames in which no dust is used at the same time as installing the glass. Care must be taken to use enough of the ventricles. In the case of this type of glass, the ventricle is made in the form of a triangle with a length of one centimeter on the edges.
If a patterned glass is used. The patterned glass surface is placed outside the environment. To have a better view and prevent permanent contamination of glass.

Unbreakable glass or Securit

For safety glass or safety glass, you should use tools such as stop, lumbar clamp, wall connection clamp. The connection to the roof glass and the types of hinges for this type of glass and other installation points should be used according to the building plans. If the dimensions of the glass are large, the vibration damper should be used in the required parts of the glass. Also, profiles larger than usual should be profiled. This is especially necessary for installing inscriptions on false ceilings. Standard fittings should be used. In addition to pressure, they are also resistant to rust and are made of resistant metals and alloys.

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Punching and stoning building glass

Drilling and stoning construction glass As we have said, tools with diamond blades are used to cut construction glass. Diamond drills are used to drill the glass. Rolling or grinding glass is usually done at the edge of the glass. Until the sharp edge of the glass is removed and does not cause cuts or discomfort to consumers. This is done by diamond sanding machines in factories and workshops.

Glass cleaning

When cleaning the glass, be careful not to damage the glass surface or vent in addition to the glass surface. All parts of the glass, including the corners of the door and window frames, the corners and edges of the glass, and… must be cleaned. If you spill paint on the glass when painting, it is better to use a thinner. Strictly avoid the use of chemicals not approved by the monitoring device.
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