Glass fence

Glass fence

Types of glass railings

Beautiful interior design is one of the most important concerns of decoration designers. Glass railings give a lot of beauty to your building due to its special and unique effect. Today, these fences are produced and offered in different models with different capabilities and features. The main basis for classifying these fences is how they are executed. In the following, we will examine each of them.

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Glass fences are divided into different categories according to the manufacturing process


Fixed Point Fixed Point Glass Fence

Fixed glass railings are usually produced and supplied in thicknesses of 12 mm to 16 mm, which are mostly used for large villas and chain stores. To install this glass, 4 holes are made. With the help of fittings made of aluminum or steel, glass is installed on the desired location. Because the fittings used in the installation of this type of structure are in the form of buttons, they are also called button glass railings. Accurate calculations must be made to calculate the number of holes created, and the material and length of the glass are influential factors in determining that number. In this style, due to the way it is installed, you will have much more visual space.


Exposure Exposure glass fences

The exposure method, also called the surface method, uses U-shaped parts made of aluminum to strengthen the glass. It is quite obvious that the higher the height of our glass fence, the more these pieces will be. In this style, contrary to your method, the bases of the fence are on the ground and are visible. Of course, the exposed fences are fully integrated and one-handed. The same method is divided into two categories based on the bases used in it. The first category uses the u-channel aluminum surface u channel

And the second category is made using BTS aluminum surface. Usually in this method, Securite glass is used in different colors such as colorless, white, snowy, satin, bronze, smoky and.


Balustrade metal base glass and clamps


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Most glass railings are made of aluminum.

Metal base and fastening method is one of the most popular methods for fencing. There are many logical reasons. Most importantly, this method is economical and cost-effective. Balustrade metal base glass and clamps method, in addition to having a very high strength and durability, costs much less than other methods. This means that you can enjoy the desired quality with a very reasonable amount. In Balustrade metal base glass and clamps method, the metal bases used are usually made of aluminum or steel. Of course, other materials are also used, but more aluminum and steel are used to make it.

Spider glass fence

Spider glass fence is one of the modern and very beautiful facades with a special effect that increases the attractiveness of your structure many times over. Spider fences are made up of different parts. The main part of it is Securite glass and laminated glass. The base material of this facade is more than aluminum and steel. The reason for naming this facade is how it is installed and executed. To install this facade, fittings that are made of aluminum and are in the shape of spiders are used. For this reason, you will have a very high viewing angle in this method. This fence has an extremely high resistance and strength, so this method is used for crowded places such as passages and other places.

Spigot Spigot balustrade

The Spigget method has several very important advantages. If we want to point out the most significant of them, we can say that there is no need to dig the ground to install it. The installation process is very short and fast. The bases of the spighet fence are needle-shaped. It is called a needle base and its height is about 10 to 15 cm. If we want to point out the most significant capabilities of this method, we can say that it creates beautiful partitions and transmits natural light in the environment. Its color and state do not change over time. It has a high resistance to sunlight, changes in temperature and humidity do not cause any problems for it. Also quick and easy installation; There is no demolition, ironwork and… for it.


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Spiget fence is highly resistant to climate change.

Burial (built-in)

In this method, unlike the exposure method, the bases of the fence are not visible at all. The support bases in this style are level with the floor. Securite glass with a thickness of 10 mm, 12 mm and 15 mm is usually used to make these fences.

What is a glass fence made of?

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Glass fences are usually made of Securite and laminated glass

Glass railings consist of two basic parts. One part is more than aluminum and the other and more important part is glass. Glass is the main part of this fence. Most of these fences are made of two types of laminated glass and Securite glass, and most of them use these two types of glass. Laminated and Securite glasses have extraordinary strength and durability, and your thoughts on safety and security are greatly relieved. In addition, these glasses have more transparency than ordinary glass and give much more beauty to your building.

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