Comparison of types of laminated building glass

Comparison of types of laminated building glass

In the past, there was only one type of glass called single-layer glass. But in recent years, different types of glass have entered the market under the titles of double glazing and triple glazing. In the following, we will examine the types of laminated glass.

Single-layer building glass is glass in which a glass plate is placed. Today, the performance of laminated building glass is higher than single-layer glass.

Double-glazed building glass usually consists of two or more layers of glass. To make these glasses stronger, inert gas such as argon is placed between these layers. The difference between single-layer and multi-layer glass is in the same distance between the layers. This distance prevents sound and heat from being transferred.

انواع پنجره چند جداره
Laminated glass is made of laminated glass

Advantages of single layer glass

This glass has a very reasonable price and if you want to spend a little, single layer glass is the best option. This glass is suitable for hot cities. Because double and triple glazing insulates heat and retains heat. You do not need to keep warm in hot cities, so single-layer glass is the best option. In the meantime, you do not need a new frame and spend money. You can use the same frame as before and save money.

Disadvantages of single layer glass

As mentioned above, these glasses are not sound and air insulation and this can be both a negative and a positive point. Of course, the negative burden of this case seems to be greater than its positive burden.

Another point is that this glass can not prevent noise from entering the building in any way and they are not sound insulation at all. Another point is that these glasses do not have good resistance and the probability of breaking these glasses is high.

Instead, double and triple glazing are very good sound and heat insulation. They do not allow air and sound to pass through, and this is a positive thing. Also, laminated glass has a very high percentage of security. They have good resistance to shocks and storms and make your mind comfortable about this. There are different types of laminated glass, for example, Securite glass and laminated glass, which are widely used today due to their capabilities.

Spanta Glass Factory is one of the manufacturers of single-layer and multi-layer glass.

مقایسه پنجره تک و جند جداره
Laminated glass does not allow heat to pass through

Argon gas in double glazing

In the construction of double glazing, the glass should be insulated with the help of a gas. They use argon gas to do this. It can be said that the most important effect of argon gas in laminated glass is to reduce the amount of heat transfer and thus reduce the amount of energy wasted through conduction. Because its heat transfer coefficient is lower and heavier than air.
Since argon gas is one of the noble gases, it does not react chemically with other gases. Also, argon gas has no smell, color or taste and is not flammable. This gas is made by reducing the convection flow inside and outside the environment.
Be aware that argon gas, despite being neutral, can cause suffocation, headaches and dizziness. As a result, do not inhale it, and if you intend to work with this gas, be sure to follow the safety tips.

گاز آرگون در پنجره چند جداره
Argon gas does not allow heat and sound to pass through

Detection of argon gas in double glazing

One way to detect the presence of argon gas in double glazing is to have gas valves in the glass for UPVC glass. Because the installation of these valves has a high cost, which is equal to more than one square meter of argon gas.

Integrated spacers must be used to prevent argon gas from escaping through the laminated glass. For this reason, in both primary and secondary stages, it is insulated with quality brands by butyl and polysulfide adhesives. This makes the double glazing completely insulated. It does not lose the argon gas to which it is injected. It is a suitable thermal and acoustic insulation.


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