The process of making laminated glass

The process of making laminated glass

Laminated glass is a type of glass with a high percentage of safety that is an ideal option for places that need unbreakable glass. In the process of making laminated glass, two or three layers of glass are combined with PVB varnish and laminated glass is made. In the following, we will examine the machines that have been used in the manufacture of laminated glass.


Introduction of machines used in making laminated glass

Due to the special and complex process of making laminated glass, it is necessary to use different and precise machines. First, in this section, we want to introduce the machines that are used in the manufacture of laminated glass.

Spanta Glass Laminating Furnace

Spanta North factory’s laminate oven is made in China. The features of the laminating furnace of this factory are as follows:

Production of laminated glass with dimensions of 2600 * 6000 mm
Production of laminated glass with a thickness of 90 mm
The heating system of the furnace is fully convection, ie heat does not enter directly into the glass, which increases the quality of the final product.
Possibility of producing smart glasses
Possibility to produce bent glass

کوره لمینیت
In this furnace, heat reaches the glass indirectly, which increases its quality.


Laminate kiln is used to bond two or more layers of glass. This oven consists of 3 parts:

The washing machine is asleep
Clean room
Laminating furnace


The washing machine is asleep

In all stages of production of building glass, washing is very important. To laminate, the glass must be free of any dirt, stains, dust and moisture. The washing machine washes the glass and then blows it dry completely.

Clean room:

This room is free from pollution and humidity according to the required standards. There should also be no holes for dust to pass through.

After the washing process, the glass enters the divorce room. At this stage, according to the client’s order, the talc is cut to a thickness of 0.38, 0.76 and 1.52 microns to the dimensions of the glass and drawn on it, after this stage, the second glass is placed on the talc.

اتاق طلق گذاری
The thickness of the divorces can vary depending on the needs of the buyer


Laminated glass varnish

In the same way, the other layers are placed on top of each other, it is very important that the glass is thoroughly cleaned before stacking. After stacking the desired number of layers of glass and talc, the laminated glass on the camouflage moves towards the laminating furnace.


Laminating furnace:

The job of the laminating furnace is to melt the pvb talc between two glasses using heat and pressure, as a result of which several layers of glass stick together and it is not possible to separate between them.

The speed of movement of laminated glass is adjusted according to the characteristics of the glass. Also, the furnace has two presses at the beginning and end and the glass is pressed on top of each other.

The speed of movement of the glass inside the furnace is determined according to the following specifications:

The thickness of the glass
Thickness of talc
Type of glass (Securite or raw glass)
Number of layers of laminated glass
Dimensions of laminated glass

کوره لمینیت
In this furnace, the talc melts between the glasses and the other glasses do not separate.



The last process to produce laminated glass is autoclave oven.

Laminated glass is opaque after leaving the laminate kiln and can be separated from the glass. To stabilize the divorce between the glass and make it clear, the laminated glass is placed in an autoclave for 5 hours.

The laminated glass inside the autoclave oven is stabilized with a temperature of 150 ° C and 12 times the wind pressure, and after finishing the kiln work, the glass will be provided to the clearance unit without bubbles and completely transparent.

کوره اتوکلاو
Autoclave oven is the last step in making laminated glass.


last word

Spantaglass Glass, as a manufacturer of laminated glass, bulletproof glass, double glazing and spandral glass, hopes that you have taken the necessary advantage of this article and are familiar with the steps of making laminated glass and its related machines.

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