Stained glass

What is colored glass?
Stained glass

In Iran, the use of colored glass is not new and these glasses have been used in various architectures for many years. There are traces of its use in most of the ancient cities of the country, and this shows that decoration designers have been very interested in this glass in the past. This glass contains a wide range of colors and creates colored glass by absorbing a certain frequency of light. There are currently about 25 standard colors for these glasses.

Stained glass in architecture
Stained glass has long been welcomed by Iranians

Stained glass

With the development and advancement of technology, glass expanded a lot and was produced and offered in different models. One of these glasses that has been very popular is colored patterned glass. This glass is now widely used in the construction industry. The production of these glasses is such that the desired design is struck on the glass by special devices. Colored patterned glass has many uses today, such as many patterned table glass , patterned bathroom glass, glass partition patterned and etc

Patterned Securite glass

Securite glass is currently one of the most durable glass. Due to the manufacturing process and the fact that several layers of glass are used in the manufacturing process, this glass has a very high safety factor and makes the customer feel comfortable in terms of security. Because of this, the idea of designing Securite glasses was very well received and very successful. They use special sandblasting machines to pattern Securite glass and create sandblasted designs using these machines.

There is a lot of variety for patterned colored glass and you can create any design on it according to your taste. One of the most interesting designs for companies is to put the logo on the glass. Of course, you can not create a special design and use only colored glass. The most widely used colored Securite glasses are: black Securite glass, smoked Securite glass, white Securite glass. Of course, these glasses are also produced in other colors, but the most widely used ones were the ones mentioned.

One of the positive features of colored patterned Securite glass is that it can be combined with sunlight, which if you can use this point correctly and in principle, will bring a lot of beauty.

Types of colored glass
Stained glass today is produced in different models with different capabilities

Types of colored glass

Today, many glasses with different capabilities and features are produced and supplied around the world. One of the glasses that is very popular today and is produced and offered in different models and types is colored glass, which we will introduce the most significant cases in the following. Colored laminated glass, Spandrel stained glass, Lacobel and Matelac stained glass, Matelux frosted glass, Sandblast stained glass, Photolminated glass and broken design glass are the most popular models of this glass.

Lacobel glass

Stained glass has different models and is produced and offered in different types. One of the most prominent models of colored glass is Lacobel glass. If we want to point out the most prominent feature of Lacobel glass, we can say that this glass is a glossy type of decorative glass. This glass gives a special effect to your environment due to its special radiance and gloss, and therefore has many fans.

Decorative laminated glass

As you know Laminated glass is a combination of two layers of glass and a PVB varnish that has strength and safety They perform very well. The most important feature of laminated decorative glass is that it does not break in any way and can be made and executed in any dimensions and geometric shapes, including smooth and curved, and therefore does not create any restrictions for the buyer.

Decorative glass
Today, decorative laminated glass is produced and supplied with unique strength and beauty

Double glazed decorative glass

One of the questions that most people ask when shopping is whether or not these glasses can be double glazed. The answer to this question is yes. Some decorative glasses are made of two layers of glass, the distance between the two glasses is covered by argon gas. This is what happened at Double glazing occurs . This means that by buying this glass, you have both decorative glass and double glazing. Double glazed decorative glass is both a very good heat insulator and has a high resistance, as well as a special beauty and radiance.

Stained glass price

You can not set a fixed price for colored glass. The price of this glass depends on many things. If we want to point out the most important cases, we can say that the area of the desired space and the glass material used in the manufacturing process and the processes performed on the glass during construction and the amount of fittings used in the construction and execution of glass are affected. The most transitional cases.

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