Double glazing production technology

Double glazing production technology

The production of double-glazed building glass has created many changes in the construction industry by saving energy consumption and preventing environmental noise pollution. Double glazing has a special technology and their production requires high precision. In this type of glass, argon gas is used as thermal and acoustic insulation. Prevents outside sound from entering the indoor environment. But what exactly is this technology?


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Double glazing technology

In the construction of double glazing, two layers of glass have been used in parallel. Special aluminum profiles are placed in the space between this glass. They are called spacers and this gap is filled with dehumidifiers. This empty space between the glasses is usually filled with argon gas as thermal insulation and SF6 gas as a sound insulation. In some cases, the combination of these two gases is used as insulation. The glass is then installed in the desired location with a sealant.

The use of double glazing helps to avoid a large amount of energy loss. Prevents heat and cold transfer and if SF6 gas is used. Prevents the passage of noise and various types of noise pollution from the outside environment to the indoor space. This causes in the long run. To save significant energy consumption and costs.

The thickness of double glazing

The thickness of double glazing starts from 6 mm and increases up to 16 mm. Increasing the thickness of double glazing increases by 2 mm. Spanta Glass glass factory with the production of different types of double glazing, such as laminated glass. Reflex double-walled, colored double-walled, Securite glass, flute or plain, and with a production capacity of 60,000 square meters of glass per year, meet the needs of customers. You can also order custom double glazing in different dimensions and features from Spanta Glass. To know the price of double glazing with different features and benefits, you can. Get in touch with our experts through the contact numbers at the bottom of the page or the contact page.
The purpose of producing and using double glazing is to increase the level of peace and comfort of citizens and also to prevent energy waste.
The production of double glazing has quality measurement parameters. According to these parameters, Spanta Glass double glazing is one of the best in this field and according to the patterns of developed countries in this industry and national standards communicated to the country’s factories. Using the latest tools and technology, it produces quality double glazing.
Some of the parameters related to the production of tempered glass are as follows:

  • Distance between two layers of glass (spacer thickness)
  • Overall thickness and layers of double glazing
  • Climate change testing
  • Technology used in the production of double glazed windows
  • Length, width and diameter of double glazing
  • Resistance and stability against ambient humidity
  • Thrush test
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Making double glazing

When making double-glazed windows, place large plates inside a special surface to prevent manual and precise cutting of the glass. They process the dimensions of the glass using related software. After cutting the glass, they harden it with water and then cut forms for the double-walled space. Then, to prevent moisture from entering the glass, the gap between the glass is filled with dehumidifiers. After this step, they use special adhesives and seal the edge of the frame.
Now it’s time to press the glasses on the machine. Then inject argon gas into it. After injecting the insulating gas, the glass is re-sealed and filled around with the help of a special device using special adhesives called polysulfide. The use of double glazing technology in windows has become very popular today. It has also improved the level of comfort of citizens.

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