Types of building glass windows

Types of building glass windows

Every residential or office building is made up of sections. One of the most important and essential parts of these windows is the windows. Undoubtedly, one of the most important needs of any building is the window. Inside windows without glass has no function. It is practically an unused container and will be of no use. The use of glass in windows has many uses. For example, the appearance and beauty of the building and the exchange of light, etc. There are currently many glasses for use in building windows. Each of these glasses has a special feature. For example, some are just beautiful and do not have good resistance. Some have high strength and beauty, but good insulation. He then examined the types of building glass.

انواع شیشه ساختمانی پنجره
Today there are different glasses with different capabilities for use in buildings

Introduction of window building glass

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing glass for your window. To have the right and principled purchase based on your needs. For example, material and quality, beauty, resistance, sound and heat insulation are important points that should be considered.

Flat building glass (flute)

Original and quality flat glass does not show any curvature or bending on their surface. The surface of these glasses is completely smooth and flat. This feature has made this glass one of the most widely used and consumed glass in the building, especially in windows. Flat glass, like most other glass, is produced and supplied in different thicknesses and in the range of 2 to 20 mm. As mentioned, the most used of this glass is related to the window and the appropriate thickness for this work is 4 mm to 8 mm.

Double glazed building glass

This glass, as its name implies, consists of two layers of glass that have no color. Double glazing using advanced technology does not allow sound and heat to pass in and is a very strong insulator. Some of these glasses use inert gases such as argon between layers of glass to increase efficiency.

Building safety glass

Securite glass, which has recently expanded due to its very high resistance. This glass is a branch of unbreakable glass. In fact, these glasses are a more advanced version of unbreakable glass. Unbreakable glass is made of two or more layers of glass with PVB varnish at a certain temperature and pressure. Securite glass is several times stronger than unbreakable glass. The main difference between unbreakable glass and securite glass is their condition after breaking. Securite glass becomes powder after breaking, but unbreakable glass breaks into pieces.

معرفی شیشه ساختمانی
Securite glass is widely used due to its high resistance in banks, stores, etc.

Building reflex glass

Reflective glass is one of the flat glass products. The difference between this glass and flat glass is a layer that is placed on the reflective glass. This layer increases the reflex and reflection of the glass. This property prevents sunlight or any other light from entering the interior of the building.

Soda Lime Glass (Cup Glass)

Undoubtedly, the most widely used glass in the world is soda lime glass. So that more than 94% of the world’s glass is made of this glass. This glass is composed of different materials, but the most prominent materials used in it are calcium oxide, silicon and sodium oxide.

Laminated double glazing

Laminated glass, as its name implies, is a sub-branch of double-glazed glass with more features and capabilities. Double glazed building laminate consists of several layers of glass and a PVB talc. The number of these layers and the thickness of the PVB layer can vary according to the needs of the consumer.

Price of window glass construction

قیمت شیشه ساختمانی
The price of building glass is a function of the price of raw materials.

As you can see, there are many types of window glass on the market. Each of these is designed and produced based on a specific purpose. At present, a fixed price can not be set for these products. The material of these glasses is a function of the quality and price of raw materials, brand, dimensions, etc.

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